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E-commerce Platform for Online Learning Systems

E-commerce Platform that allows Teachers to create, customize and personalize their own online learning platforms to create online courses, conduct live sessions, Assessing Students, Track progress and manage the their educational cycle throughout a single platform.
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We keep it simple for you

We’re an online course platform built by course creators, so we prioritize the features we would want if we were starting to sell online courses all over again. Here are a few things that make Teachiy a uniquely awesome course platform:

Zero Additional Fees

Here’s a crazy idea: we never force you to pay us more money just because your course is selling like hotcakes! Our plans are paid monthly or annually (annual plans save 20%!) and so you pay zero additional transaction fees on sales.

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Uncomplicated tech

We’re not going to say a baby could create an online course with Teachiy, mostly because babies don’t have credit cards and couldn’t pay us, but we’ve made course creation as easy as writing an email in Gmail.

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Unlimited everything

You can make as many courses as you like. Your courses can have as many Landing and Payment Pages as you like. You can have as many students take your courses as you like! We’ll never charge you for being awesome. Ever.

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What makes Teachiy different?

We treat people like humans.
We believe people of all race, color, and gender deserve the same respect and we will treat you as we want to be treated.
Made for creators, by creators.
We use Teachiy to build and sell our own courses so we’re constantly focused on crafting the best course experience possible.
Rave reviews about customer service.
We intentionally keep Teachiy’s customer base at a size where we, the founders, can respond to every customer support request.
We make courses about llama shaving.
Okay, we don't actually know how to shave llamas, but you may have noticed we like to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.